100% Better!

When arriving 8 weeks ago, I was in extreme pain with back issues, fatigue, and digestive issues. I followed my plan set out be Shadi and I feel 100% better and continue to follow the plan to keep my energy and being pain free!

– P. Barlow, 13-10-2017

Opened my eyes

Shadi opened my eyes about how much I need a vitamin supplement and helped determine exactly what my body needs.

– Sharon I., 11-10-2016

It’s a relief

I’m very pleased with this experience and the results. After many years of believing I was simply gluten intolerant, it is a relief to know what my specific issues are.

– Lori T., 14-10-2016

She’s thorough

This was the most thorough chiropractic visit I’ve ever had.

– B, 07-10-2016

I wasn’t expecting…

“Eight weeks ago I came in feeling fatigued, slightly depressed, bloated, and unmotivated. After my assessment with Melanie we changed my diet, added a couple supplements, and Melanie gave me advice about some lifestyle changes that would help. Within three weeks my energy level increased and my clothes were fitting better. After following the program for eight weeks, I’ve never felt better! My mood has improved considerably and I’m no longer looking at the clock at 2pm hoping for it to say 5pm. I wasn’t expecting to lose as much weight as I did, but I’m happy about it. Best part: it didn’t “break the bank” to make changes.

– Pat, 20-04-2016

Friendly and Supportive

“The team here is very friendly and supportive, and truly cares about your well-being. Thank you so much!”

– Patti, 13-04-2016

100% Better

“I came to Healthoholics after seeing numerous doctors in regards to stomach issues and just feeling overall unwell. After meeting with Nicki and Melanie I feel 100% better, my stomach issues are much less, and if I avoid sugars I feel healthy and energetic.”

– Patti, 13-04-2016

Friendly and Humble

Just terrific! Very relaxing. Ryan is friendly and humble. Thank you.

– Theresa, 05-10-2015

Extensive Knowledge and Patience

With Nicki’s extensive knowledge and patience I was able to return to a point of wellness that I have not experienced for the past two years. Thank you Nicki for your help in giving me bak my life and resolving the issues that have plagued me for many years.

– Mary, 01-11-2014

I Was Miserable…

When I first came to see Nicki, I was miserable and tired. She helped me get back on track and put together a health plan for everyday. I’m grateful to her for helping me to feel great.

– J, 24-10-2014

Hair and Nails Growing Faster

I have more energy. I sleep better. My hair and nails are growing better and breaking less.

– JP, 09-10-2015

I cannot express my gratitude enough

I went to several doctors, naturopaths, acupuncture, etc. But no one seemed to be able to help prevent my recurring cellulitis. Nicki not only took care of my problem but also set me up with an ongoing care program to keep me healthy. I cannot express my gratitude enough for her help with me and my family. Thanks Nicki, you are awesome.

– Bill C., 08-10-2014

Literally Saved My Life

I have told many people… that [Nicki] has literally saved my life. I have never had another seizure and actually gained back some bone mass.

– Dian, 24-09-2014

I Feel Amazing!

Thank you so much Nicki. I feel amazing and would have come to this “place” (feeling healthy) without you. Keep up the amazing work you do.

– L. Khan, 25-09-2014

Changed My Life!

Nicki changed my quality of life! I was suffering from migraines all the time, which I am happy to say I no longer have!

– Deborah, 18-09-2014

Regain Health and Wellness

The advice provided has enabled me to make progress on my journey to regain health and wellness.

– Judy, 14-09-2014

I Feel Fantastic!

I feel fantastic…I sleep now! I have energy, and I fought off the dreaded spring cold NO PROBLEM! Learning to eat the way my body needs me to has been fascinating and I’m so glad I came in!

– Laura, 04-06-2015

I lost 25lbs in 8 weeks!

I feel great! I did the Food Sensitivity Evaluation, and though I was sad to eliminate wheat and dairy from my diet, without then I lost 25lbs in 8 weeks!

– Laura, 05-06-2015

Neck and Shoulder Pain and Knots

Great information given regarding neck and shoulder pain and knots.

– Emily M., 21-08-2014

Very Beneficial to Me

The information I received can be immediately integrated into my diet which is very beneficial to me.

– Dianna V., 17-09-2014

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