Sustainability is a broad topic that can be expanded to global sustainability or minimized to self sustainability. Today, we’re going to explore a few ways Healthoholics supports sustainability.

  1. Supporting Local

When you shop at Healthoholics, you’re supporting a local business — but did you know that we support other local businesses, too?

We purchase our stock from local suppliers like:  The Eco Well handmade soaps, LIVE kombucha, Bauman Apiaries’ honey and beeswax candles, and Barefoot Naturals beauty products, to name a few.

One of the benefits of supporting locally owned businesses is called the multiplier effect. We often reference this as supporting the little guys- and who doesn’t like an underdog? When we vote with our dollar and choose locally owned businesses it helps the prosperity and sustainability of our community. Local businesses reinvest in their communities, and often lead to more local jobs which boosts the morale and livelihood of our neighbourhood.

Supporting local also improves environmental sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint. Because we focus on as many local products as possible, the distance our stock travels to reach our shelves is shorter than it may be otherwise! Plus, because we’re local many of you, our loyal customers, are able to walk or bike to our store to shop!

Shopping at businesses, like Healthoholics, that are close-by and locally owned, creates an opportunity to build relationships with the staff and management. We enjoy the relationships we’ve built with our customers, as it helps us know we are making a difference. We work hard to listen to and understand your preferences, and work to make your stay in our store as enjoyable as possible! At Healthoholics all our sales floor staff are certified nutritionists so you can always feel confident in our ability to answer your nutrition and lifestyle questions. All of the above makes for a sustainable relationship!

  1. Stocking Eco-Friendly Products

Remember the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”? At Healthoholics, we recognize “reducing” our consumption as the first necessary step in sustainability. To this end, we stock a variety of multi-use products, to help you avoid one-time use items.

To help you reduce your ecological footprint, we carry:

  • Lifefactory food storage containers: Instead of using plastic bags or plastic containers for leftovers, you can choose glass. The glass containers we carry are also safe for reheating your food in an oven, making them both environmentally friendly and convenient.
  • Lifefactory bottles: Glass water bottles and baby bottles are a convenient option, alleviating the need for a plastic water bottle, thermos, or baby bottle.
  • Strawsome straws: Have you ever considered a glass straw? We carry glass straws of varying lengths and widths along with accessories like cleaning brushes and carrying cases,  so you can use it on the go with your takeaway meal, or at restaurants.

Aiming to avoid single use products and instead replenish them with reusable items like: glass water bottles, beeswax wraps, or lunapads is a meaningful way to shop sustainably.

Yet another way to be more mindful of our shopping habits is to purchase from brands who make their products from recycled materials like:  radius toothbrushes, or If You Care paper products (coffee filters, parchment paper, etc.)

  1. Choosing Mindfully Sourced Ingredients

Supporting sustainable manufacturing practices and socioeconomics in other areas around the world is something I’m sure we all want. At Healthoholics, we carry a variety of mindful brands who ensure their workers are properly compensated and building up the community around their business.

One example is Alpha DME coconut oil. Alpha ensures that every worker is paid a living wage, and that the harvesting never jeopardises the natural resources of the community. In this way they are helping to solve the issue of poverty in their growing areas.

We also try to stock as many cruelty-free items as possible, such as The Green Beaver brand. Cruelty-free items have never been tested on animals. We strive for this standard in the personal care products we stock, because testing on animals is an ethical dilemma for many, and there are technological advances that make the need for other animals’ suffering unnecessary for testing,  production, or manufacturing of products.

Looking for Fair Trade items is just one more great way to ensure global sustainability, such as with Four O’clock teas. The fair trade sticker ensures producers and manufacturers are adhering to certain standards: fair price paid to producers, high standard of human rights, safe working conditions, prohibition of child labour, and more. All things we hope one day will be mandatory and unnecessary to label!


During the month of April, we’ve been focussing on Sustainability at Healthoholics. If you’re interested in focussing on the sustainability of your choices — you could join us starting April 22nd (Earth Day) for our 7-Day Go Green Challenge! Click on the image below for all the details!



7-Day Go Green Challenge

Jacquie Thomas

Jacquie works as the Assistant Store Manager at Healthoholics, where she oversees day-to-day clinic operations, assists with purchase ordering, and more. She’s a skilled Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner who brings her broad knowledge to helping Healthoholics’ customers and clients.

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