Staying active during the colder months can be tricky when all we want to do is stay warm. This usually leads us to shut ourselves in, which is not exactly beneficial for our health. We as humans need connection, our brains crave it! Spending too much time cuddled up, stagnant, indoors, and away from people does a number on our mood and well being. Staying active is a good way to produce natural endorphins that help curb the winter blues.

One thing to keep in mind when planning to be active during the winter or colder months is preparedness. We, as Canadians, know the weather can change quickly and drastically. Make sure you have the proper outdoor clothing if you are going to be outside, and be sure to check for wind chill warnings.

There’s a few things we can do to be more active when it’s getting colder:

Grab a Sense of Adventure

Try going somewhere new. A change of scenery can make all the difference. There are lots of things to do and see in and around the city, try exploring it as if you were a tourist rather than a local. We have National and Provincial parks as well as many trails to explore.

Try Something New

There are lots of local leagues and clubs that are available throughout the year. Meeting new people and creating new connections can be a great way to stay motivated and help you to stay active. You could also try to reconnect with your younger self. What did you like to do as a child that you haven’t done in years? Hiking, skating, and tobogganing are a few free examples that you could try. Invite the idea of play back into your exercising.

Indoor Activities

You don’t have to be outside to be active during the cooler months; you could also do indoor activities. Mall walking, going to a gym, or stair climbing are a few. If you don’t feel like leaving the house there are a lot of resources these days that can help you utilize the equipment you may have at home, or even your own body weight to get a good work out in.

Build Grit

Do the things that may not be the most enjoyable…like raking leaves, shoveling snow, deep cleaning your home, walking the dog. Many chores are great workouts as well. To avoid injuries make sure to stretch and not over exert.


Colder temperatures and shortened daylight hours do take some adjusting. Keeping active and connected with others not only helps us pass the time, it also helps us stay accountable. If we can stay active and social year-round it is a win-win for our minds and our bodies.

What activities are you planning to stay active this fall and winter? Tell us in the comments below.

Jacquie Thomas

Jacquie works as the Assistant Store Manager at Healthoholics, where she oversees day-to-day clinic operations, assists with purchase ordering, and more. She’s a skilled Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner who brings her broad knowledge to helping Healthoholics’ customers and clients.

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  • My husband and I have taken up geocaching in the last 2 years. Not only does it keep us active, but it takes us places we’d never think of going. Geocaching definitely slows down in the winter months as many caches are not winter-friendly. Nevertheless, it will certainly challenge us to get out and find the ones that are, and maybe we will take up snowshoeing this year:)

    • Geocaching! That’s amazing! The bonus is that you’re not only staying active, but also getting outdoors at the same time! :)