Sairah Pettes

Body-Positive Intuitive Eating Coach
Interdepartmental Assistant

After several years of working as a health coach for Canada’s largest weight loss company, Sairah quickly grew tired of following the corporate road map that presented obesity, and low self-esteem as a dollar sign. Since leaving the diet industry, she has travelled across the eastern coast of Australia, where she learned how to surrender to her body and make peace with food without a rulebook.

Now, back in Canada, Sairah works with Healthoholics as an Interdepartmental Assistant. You’ll see her at our reception desk, managing our bulk food section, and receiving inventory. Behind the scenes, Sairah is taking an active role in maintaining our website, e-store and more!

When she’s not at Healthoholics, Sairah is changing the world as a Body Positive, Intuitive Eating Coach. She helps women to stop the diet-cycle by teaching them to throw out their scales, and let go of ‘perfectionitis’ through her popular Facebook groups.