Nicki Qubrossi

Registered Nurse

Nicki is a Registered Nurse whose daughter was born with many health problems. As a nurse, she turned to the medical community for answers. After numerous tests were performed, including a stay at Sick Kids Hospital, her daughter was diagnosed as “failure to thrive”. Unfortunately, there was little help, advise or treatments offered after the diagnosis.

In time, Nicki realized that food made her daughter’s health worse, inspiring her to research ways to help using natural methods. Nicki and her husband opened a health food store; Basic Bulk and Natural Foods (now Healthoholics).  Soon after, Nicki invested in a computerized system that identifies the body’s resistances to foods, pathogens, nutrients and more.  She believed this would allow her to discover the origins of her daughter’s struggles and improve her health and well-being.

Her personal experience, courses, seminars and many hours of research led her to be able to help heal her daughter; who is now studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor.

For nearly 25 years, Nicki dedicated herself to her work with Food Sensitivities. During this time, she become well-known and respected in her community by her peers and clients alike.

In 2016, Nicki retired from her practice, but maintains her position as a partner with Healthoholics and continues to be an active board member.