Laura Kump

Holistic Nutritionist, Sales Associate

Laura is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who is a natural health advocate and health food junkie! She is extremely passionate about skin health and helping individuals meet their personal needs and goals through holistic nutrition. This passion comes from her personal experiences and struggles with various health issues for most of her life.

This path started at a fairly young age as Laura was diagnosed with several gastrointestinal conditions, and further down the road she also developed severe endocrine disorders. This lead to years of medications to treat her symptoms without ever getting to the root cause, which ultimately took a toll on her entire body. Laura also began to develop severe acne, eczema, and various skin rashes, which also meant more medication, and over the counter treatments. By the time she was nineteen she was essentially unable to work or pursue any form of education, which was also the point when she realized she needed to make changeā€¦

So, after years of seeking many conventional treatments she decided to turn to natural health alternatives. This then lead to five years of extensive research, and through the power of holistic nutrition she was able to fully heal her body and get back to the life she wanted to live!

In the beginning of 2016 Laura decided to continue her passion for natural health and enrolled at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where she completed the Certified Nutritional Practitioner program with honours. She truly believes everything happens for a reason and is happy to use her own story to help others thrive, which truly makesĀ her whole journey worthwhile!

Laura is a valuable part of our sales floor team at Healthoholics, and she also manages all our bulk foods, herbs and spices!