Wisdom is what you look for when you’re making essential decisions about all aspects of your well being. You trust those that have proven themselves against the test of time and whose advice make you feel grounded and true.

Looking back through the middle ages chronic illness was widespread and people were in need of help. Logically they looked to the religious institutions, the a hub of medical wisdom: the monasteries.

St. Francis Herb Farm is our hub of herbal wisdom today! Founded by the current owners Jeremy and Monique Rivett-Carnac, St. Francis Herb Farm is dedicated to the highest quality of herbal remedies. Originally using only wild-crafted plants in the beauty of British Columbia, these conscientious people formed a company that defines quality extractions in North America.

St. Francis Herb Farm was the first Canadian industrial herbal company to use exclusively certified organic and wild crafted herbs in their formulas (including mushroom species), most often in the form of tincture. Liquid extractions is the wisest approach to use of herbs; being the most effective, most easily assimilated and best kept form of herbal remedy. St. Francis leads the industry in quality because their wisdom is rooted in the wilderness. Observing herbs in their natural environment is the only way to truly understand their importance, quality and proper use… this is reflected in their products. St. Francis makes their home in Cormac, rural Ontario. Here they make pure and simple as well as complex formulations with the help of Naturopathic doctors, to help with all aspects of health and disease.


St. Francis uses ONLY whole herb, most of which is fresh. Making medicine with fresh herb is essential to ensuring quality, as the material suffers no loss of constituents during any processing or drying, and is proven to be more holistic in their action. In addition they use a Cold Percolation technique which attests to their drive to stay at the top in terms of quality. As well as NOT being limited to standardized extracts (meaning each medicine provides a guaranteed amount of “active ingredient”), we put St. Francis at the top of the pack for quality.

Deep Immune

A growing awareness of the stressors in everyday life was of course recognized by St. Francis; and being ahead of the game they have provided an all encompassing solution: the Deep Immune formula.

Being an Adaptogen & Immune Tonic this unstoppable formula is perfect for facilitating the body in combatting and resisting viral infections; making it very useful for colder temperatures – like we’re experiencing now – when our bodies are tasked with heating and maintaining a stronger defence against disease.

Truly a wise company  with a dedication to the quality of nature. We are grateful to have access to their powerful herbal remedies.