In the West, spring is a time of renewal a time to retire the old and bring-on the new! Spring, especially when the warmer weather starts setting in, is also a good time to cleanse the body. The great thaw happens both to the earth and to the body. The toxins that have been lying dormant or accumulating over the colder seasons start to circulate more readily in the body.

In the East, Traditional Chinese Medicine theory states that spring is a time of rejuvenation and renewal. The liver is linked to the time of the spring equinox as the liver is seen as an ever present force of energy for the body. In this way, the liver is, both physically and spiritually, connected to aspects of ourselves that never completely halt.

Eating In Season

We, at Healthoholics, may say this a lot — but it’s best to eat what is in season. In spring, the earth naturally provides cleansing foods.

Those pesky lawn weeds are beneficial for your liver and gallbladder. Dandelion when ingested helps the liver to create more superoxide dismutase – a very powerful antioxidant, which helps to protect the cells and DNA from damage. Dandelion is also a diuretic flushing water soluble toxins from the body, while also restoring the electrolyte balance.

While in the past garlic was known for repelling blood sucking vampires, in this day and age it is helpful in cleansing the body of parasites that could be lurking around in the body, especially in areas that receive less circulation.

Most of us use this one as a condiment and have never thought much else about mustard. Mustard, especially mustard greens, help in the production of bile acids. Bile acids can help to regulate digestion and relieve symptoms of dysfunction such as: constipation, inflammation, and various body odors.

In general our leafy digestive assistants (leafy greens) are high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is helpful for not just the liver, but the whole body. Chlorophyll can bind and pull toxins from the bloodstream helping to cleanse more easily.

General Guidelines for Cleansing with Supplements

If you are looking to use a supplement for cleansing, I would recommend first eating as clean as you are able. Eating whole, “real foods” (including lots of plants!), while cleansing will help you better manage the effects of the cleansing process, and hopefully you will avoid feeling retched when your body starts releasing stored toxins.

My Top 3 Product Recommendations

Below are some of my favourite cleansing products: 

Holy Tea
It addresses the liver, bowels, and the urinary tract (a little). Making sure all of your elimination pathways are clear is often a good way to go. This is a tea cleanse so it encourages an increase from our average water intake which is also helpful when flushing the body.

Renew Life’s First Cleanse
If you have a generally clean diet but are looking to up the ante with a gentle cleanse, but it’s your first time, or you have a delicate or reactive constitution, this product may be for you. First Cleanse includes a print out of the do’s and don’ts while cleansing, which if you are new to cleansing, is very helpful. First Cleanse contains a herbal cleansing capsule alongside a bowel stimulating fiber capsule. You should not feel bowel urgency with this product, if you do always keep in mind you can lower your dose.

Can Prev’s Nutritional Detox
This is a bit more intense cleansing product, as it is directly targeting the processes of the liver. The liver does the bulk of the detoxification of the body on a daily basis. When we amp detoxification a notch like this, we need to ensuring our elimination pathways (emunctories) are clear prior to taking this cleanse in order for it to be most beneficial.

Please Use Your Discretion

Most cleanses will use herbs to aid the body. Herbs have been used for many years by many cultures for the purpose of supporting the body’s many functions. This being said, especially if you are taking prescription pharmaceuticals or have a specific health concern, please read the labels and speak to your pharmacist or another qualified health practitioner, before taking any cleansing products.


Have you ever “cleansed” before? What was your favourite way to accomplish a cleanse?


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