Healthoholics’ excitement about health and wellness is contagious.

Each member of our diverse team of health professionals all bring their own unique training, skills, experience and interests to the table. Healthoholics’ well-rounded team always has something up our collective sleeve to satisfy the needs of your tradeshow, business, workplace, classroom, retreat, or other event.

Some of our most popular topics include:

  • A Recipe for Vitality: Eating for Excellent Energy and Fuelling Your Life
  • Recognizing Food Sensitivities (optional: In Infants and Children)
  • Breast Cancer Awareness: The Less Discussed Facts and Holistic Prevention Strategies
  • Why Does My Body Ache: Understanding Massage Strategies for Stress Relief and Increased Wellness
  • What Is Stress? And How to Reduce It.
  • Depression: A Holistic Discussion
  • Healthy(er) Holiday Baking: Cooking Demonstration or Class

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