Many of us live with aches and pains that can be managed or relieved through basic massage and small changes in daily living.

Registered Massage Therapy is well suited for:

  • those who require pain relief or chronic pain management,
  • those with sports injuries,
  • the elderly,
  • those suffering from anxiety or depression and
  • those looking for deep relaxation, stress relief or management.

Massage is most recognized to benefit the injured or the stressed; however Massage Therapy is also a great strategy for preventing dis-ease conditions before they develop.
Massage Therapy is well suited for individuals of all ages and conditions.
We offer Registered Massage Therapy Services based in Swedish massage therapy which includes advanced techniques such as:

  • proprioceptive, passive and facilitated stretching,
  • fascial, strengthening and facilitation exercises,
  • myofascial trigger point therapy,
  • peripheral joint mobilizations and
  • lymphatic drainage techniques.

Feeling relaxed is a great first step to feeling better.  Let Registered Massage Therapy improve your quality of life and well-being!