Summer can be a natural segue to more self-care. Taking steps to take care of you!

Graduation ceremonies and festivities are over. Prom-posals, sparkly dresses and snazzy suits are becoming fading memories along with the drying tears of parents whose child is no longer in Kindergarten and will embark on a new journey of being “grown up” in September.

Whether you are a teacher or professor and your work takes a natural, well-deserved break or you work in another field year-round, there’s much about summer that gives us reasons to slow down and pause. At Healthoholics, we want to invite you to do just that:  slow down… and take care of you!

Veronica introduced you to the general concept of self-care. I’d like to invite you to create your personal self-care plan. Here are a few simple steps to develop a personal plan to create a sanctuary for “self”:


It’s the key to change. Find a quiet space, grab a journal, paper and pen, and a calming drink of your choice. Then ask yourself some questions.

  • How do I really want to spend my summer months?
  • Do my summer plans include activities that are meaningful for me?
  • Do these plans include times of rest, or will I need a vacation after my vacation? :)

Often we live life based on expectations – others’ expectations.

Pausing to ask about your wants and needs can help you choose to be exactly where you want to be. This can be empowering and allow the activities to be more meaningful.


Are there areas that may need fine tuning?

  • Are the activities planned meaningful for you? If not, how can you change your plans to remove what isn’t meaningful and add activities that are?
  • Who are the people you need to discuss the changes with?
  • If the plans cannot be changed, how can you create space for yourself before, during and after the activity?
    • For example, if you are hosting or attending a wedding this summer (‘tis the season) what are the “have-to” events, the “it would be nice” events or the “thanks but no thanks” events?
  • What are the ways you can show your love and care for those special people in your life that are meaningful to them AND meaningful to you?

The reality is the more you do for others’ happiness at the cost of your own happiness – the less rested, the more drained you will feel.

Do you find yourself avoiding social settings more than usual? Are you feeling more irritated by the smallest things? Do you feel “tired all the time?”

Time for Self-care!

Be patient with yourself.

For many this is new… making yourself a priority.

Start with one thing you want to do differently. Maybe it’s that massage you have been putting off. Book it today!

The Paint Nite you and your girlfriends have been thinking about. Pick a date and go for it!

Maybe it’s a new learning opportunity you’ve been wanting to explore. Sign-up! Register!

How are you feeling now? Excited? A bit nervous? Renewed energy?

You have taken the first steps to a radical new YOU! Self-care is all about YOU!

I would be thrilled to travel with you on your journey to personal growth and wellness. Many people find it helpful to talk with me and gain some perspective on what it means to make self-care a priority in their lives in all areas of their life.

Join me for a free 30 minute discovery session and let’s explore your personal care plan together. Or, if you aren’t ready for that — join me for further discussion about self-care at our Self-Care Night on July 19th.

Have a fun, restful and safe summer!

Grace R.A. Howe

Through therapeutic counselling, Grace endeavours to help guide you through the highs and lows of your life’s journey.

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