When it comes to moving your body for good health, did you know that all movement ‘counts’?

I used to really struggle with this.

A few years ago, moving my body only meant one thing…

‘If you’re not drenched in your own sweat, your fitness goals will never be met’.

Or how about this one,

‘Train insane or remain the same!’

Talk about pressure!

I honestly only moved my body because I wanted to change her… which clearly wasn’t the most loving, or effective approach.

And it certainly didn’t make me feel more connected to my incredible body, and all the amazing things she was already doing for me.

Which is exactly why I now only move my body in organic, free-flowing ways that feel GOOD.

The truth is, you don’t need to spend countless hours lifting heavy weights at the gym, sign-up for 6am bootcamp classes, or spin until our legs fall off to receive the benefits of regular physical activity.

Movement can really be as simple as pulling weeds in your garden, running around the yard playing with your nieces and nephews, taking your furry friends for a walk, scrubbing the tub, or even dancing around the house in your undies! (…because freedom!!)

If you’ve been having a tough time committing to regular movement, or you’re constantly getting caught up in movement that feels very rigid, unkind, or forced… then I welcome you to explore the incredible world of organic movement.

For the month of June at Healthoholics, we’re talking all things movement & vitality. This week I’ll be breaking down 3 reasons to LOVE organic activity, so that you can start to move your body more often… without the pressure!

Reason #1: Helps you to Connect with your Body

Similar to meditation, when you move your body in a natural, free-flowing organic way, you give yourself an opportunity to get quiet and become fully present. What I mean is that you’re able to listen to your natural bodily cues, (overexertion, stiffness, flexibility, exhaustion, etc).

You’re also less likely to be in your head when you’re moving your body organically, because you’re doing it for the sake of having fun verses questioning if you’re ‘doing it right’, or if you should be pushing yourself harder.

With organic activity there’s no room for contemplating the mights, shoulds, haves, or maybes… you just move for movement’s sake.

Nothing else. Nothing more.

Reason #2: It’s centred around having fun, and enjoying yourself!

Think back to your childlike state when you used to run, jump, and climb on the playground. Did you ever consider how this movement was going to benefit you, and your health?

Of course you didn’t! You couldn’t have care less.


Well, because you were far more concerned about having fun!

By bringing play and exploration into your daily routine and choosing organic activity, you are opening yourself up for more fun, instead of only moving to receive a result. And by giving yourself more opportunities to be playful through organic movement, you’ll quickly find that it becomes easier to prioritize play in other areas of your life as well.

Reason #3: More about working WITH your body vs. fighting against it

When you think about all the reasons why you want to start moving your body more regularly, what is your number one reason?

Unfortunately, when most people get started, they prioritize moving their bodies because they want to change something about themselves.

Whether it’s to obtain a tight and toned core, big arm muscles, a lowered overall body fat percentage, or a firm booty… it’s all morphing their bodies to fit a body image ideal.

…which typically leads to boredom, burnout, inconsistency, and injury.

The attention has moved from celebrating all that our bodies can do, and is instead about how we look. How would your relationship with your body change if you worked WITH her vs fighting against the way she looks?

Our bodies are our greatest friend, and number one supporter in life. Their one and only job is literally to keep us alive, each and every single day. And if that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

So honour your body by giving her movement because that’s how she thrives and what she deserves. Not because you want to change her.

Moral of the story: organic activity is really about moving in a way that feels right for YOU.

The more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to make movement apart of your regular routine.

This is going to look different for everyone, and that’s totally fine. If you’d like to add in more structure, do that. But overall, what’s most important is that you take notice to whether or not you’ve been feeling pressured to conform to the mainstream fitness culture. Instead, release the forcefulness and just move your incredible bod in a way that brings you endless amounts of joy!

Because your body deserves nothing but the best.

Now we’d love to hear from you!

In what ways are you looking forward to moving your body organically this summer? We welcome you to share in the comments section below!

Sairah Pettes

Sairah works with Healthoholics as our Online Marketing Manager. You’ll see her at special events, as part of our Holistic Weight Loss Program, and within our Facebook communities. Behind the scenes, Sairah has an active role managing our online marketing efforts.

When she’s not at Healthoholics, Sairah is changing the world as a Body Positive, Intuitive Eating Coach.

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