There’s something about holidays that gives us an excuse to go waaaaaay overboard on sugar. Now, we’re all for enjoying your food (and the holidays!), but there are ways to indulge without the negative side effects of excessive sugar consumption.

I volunteer for Life with a Baby, and each season they host holiday get togethers for little ones and their care givers. These events give me a reason to get creative in the kitchen, and make some festive treats that are truly good for you! …Because I wouldn’t feel good about feeding a room full of babies straight-up sweet-treats.

I can tell you, the foods I made are always a hit – -with little ones and grown-up alike.

Check out my ideas for some festive easter fare that still have your health in mind!

Boiled Egg Chicks and Bunnies

Boiled Egg Chicks

These decked out hard-boiled eggs would make an adorable addition to an easter brunch, or a cute lunchbox treat.

Or, make Boiled Egg Bunnies with thinly slices radishes for ears and some chives as whiskers!

Flower-Shaped Melon

Flower-shaped Melons

It’s spring! Let’s celebrate! Cookie cutters are a simple way to make melon festive during any season.

Carrot-shaped Veggie Platter

Make your veggie platter fun, with a little bit of creativity! Use broccoli for the carrot tops, and dollar-round carrot slices to shape the pointy carrot.

Coconut Butter Bunnies

Coconut Butter Bunnies

Made with a simple silicone mould, and some melted coconut butter left to harden — these coconut butter bunnies are a super-cute and super-easy Easter treat. Plus, they are sooooo delicious!

Banana Greeting Cards

Want to send a loving greeting to your Easter guests? Why not include it on your table? Dressing up fruits with peels is one of my favourite ways to make healthy food fun!

Simply write a friendly seasonal message, like “Hoppy Easter Everybunny!”, with a food-safe marker and add a sticker or two for an even more festive flair!

Veronica Qubrossi

Veronica is a Holistic Nutritionist and Managing Director at Healthoholics, where she directs clinic operations, leads educational initiatives including our Holistic Weight Loss program, and manages our marketing efforts.

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