Inspiring ourselves to get into the kitchen is crucial to keeping a healthy cooking routine, so that we can make healthier, more fun, choices. Kitchen work can get boring or tiresome, so our hope is to show off some really cool, environmentally friendly and convenient options that can make the difference when preparing your meals!

It’s time to move on from the wasteful cheap plastic wraps that barely clings to the surface, and you have to end up using twice as much as you should. They hardly seal and result in spills and messes. You know, the kind scientists find at the North Pole and in whales’ lungs.

Some plastic tools are just outdated and seemingly do more harm than good.

There is a new way to go about sealing your open containers, wrapping cheese, bread or cut vegetables and leftovers. Plus, the material is reusable and works way better than plastic wraps at home.

Enter Beeswax Wraps!

Beeswax, or more specifically hemp & cotton cloth infused with Beeswax and Jojoba oil- IS the new way. What a genius idea! Easily washable with cold water and naturally antibacterial! Plus they are breathable for those tricky foods that like some air but not too much. With care these can last a year or more and when you’re done, compost it.

Abeego makes several sizes and offers a variety pack of small medium and large. This is a truly revolutionary product that I hope can replace the disastrous plastic wraps out there. Give it a try, you will be impressed.

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Then there’s the Cuppow Mason Jar adapters…

Have you some mason jars lying around empty? You like the idea of using them but no practical application is obvious other than storage? Or maybe you love your mason jars but want to amplify their capabilities or simplify their usage!

Well, there’s be a solution… Cuppow. This company must have had a lot of mason jars, because they came up with brilliant ways to transform those jars into drinking cups, or salad jars. Holding chips and crackers, vegetables and dip, yoghurt and granola or just two kinds of leftovers!

With the mouth piece inserted as the lid and the original screw top, a mason jar becomes a simple drink container for nearly any beverage. There are many different sizes based on your needs to put those jars to use.



Plus, they’re BPA & BPS Free, and made from recycled materials.

They’ve also developed the BNTO insert, transforming the jar into a ‘lunchbox’ with a 6 ounce separate container in the top. Separate two foods for lunch and transport them easily



We hope these neat and helpful products make your food prep fun, easy, healthy, and attractive!

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