Water…. It is so important for our bodies! You may be well aware of this and have already taken steps to increase your intake. If you need more convincing, here are a few of the many reasons our bodies love water!

  1. It helps our body eliminate more efficiently. All of the work that our organs are doing stirs up toxins that need to be flushed out of our bodies. These toxins can cause things like headaches/migraines, anxiety attacks, food intolerances, muscle cramps, colitis pain, hot flashes etc.
  2. It helps us with our digestive process as enzymes and hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) depend on water to help with the breakdown of food and nutrient assimilation. So we will reap the benefits of the food that we eat and improve our vitamin and mineral status. It will also help with constipation.
  3. Water helps our muscles and joints stay lubricated and helps them to work better. Even arthritis can be improved with an increase in water consumption.
  4. Water helps to increase our energy level, reduce fatigue and helps our brain to perform optimally.
  5. Inadequate consumption of water puts a great deal of stress on the body. Kidney function can be affected and kidney and gallstones could form as a result. The kidneys remove waste products such as uric acid, urea and lactic acid, all of which must be dissolved in water. If there is not enough water available to remove these effectively, they may cause damage to the kidneys.

How much water should you be drinking?
Well, that is different for everybody but at least 8 glasses a day. Consider though, how active you are, do you exercise to the point of sweating on a consistent basis? You may need more. Do you drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks…you need 2 glasses of water to make up for one cup of coffee. Alcohol as well is very dehydrating and necessitates the need for extra water. What is your body shape and size, how much do you weigh, are you taking medications that are diuretics?

As you can see, it can vary for each individual.

Water does not just come from the tap….fruits and vegetables are also a great source of hydration. Here is a list of some of the higher sources of water containing produce for you to consider:

  • Cucumber – 96% water content
  • Iceberg lettuce – 96%
  • Celery – 95%
  • Zucchini- 95%
  • Tomato – 94%
  • Green cabbage – 93%
  • Spinach – 92%
  • Cauliflower – 92%
  • Red cabbage – 92%
  • Watermelon – 92%
  • Strawberries – 92%
  • Grapefruit – 91%
  • Cantaloupe – 90%
  • Peach – 88%
  • Cranberries – 87%
  • Oranges – 87%

Adding these foods to your meals will help you EAT more WATER and provide you with the additional benefits of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

If the taste of water does not appeal to you, adding slices of cucumber, citrus fruits, and or herbs like mint willelevate your drink and maybe even get you excited about your water!

Do you love any of these high-water fruits and veggies?
Tell us your favourites in the comments below.


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Lori Mayo

Lori is a Holistic Nutritionist who worked with Healthoholics from 2012-2018. Lori spent most of her time on our sales floor, where her skills as a Nutritionist really shined.