Since starting The Eco Well, we’ve had the honour to work with some pretty amazing small businesses all throughout Ontario. Being focused on sustainability, the opportunities we’ve had for collaboration has really opened our eyes to some of the innovative and community driven entrepreneurs in our region, especially right here in Kitchener-Waterloo.

What is a “sustainable business” to us?

Sustainability is such a multi-faceted word. It includes:

  • environmental sustainability
  • maintaining a rich biodiversity in ecosystems throughout the world
  • agricultural sustainability
  • farming methods that aren’t destructive and are capable of feeding our world for the foreseeable future

We can even consider economic sustainability, keeping opportunities available for the next generation to thrive.

In each of the above, there’s a wide array of vessels to get us there. This includes greener energy, improved recycling and waste management, cleaner transportation, sustainable farming practices, better manufacturing practices, scientific innovations and more. Sustainable businesses keep these in mind when working towards a greener path to success.

Why support locally?

There are so many reasons to support locally! Besides the obvious reasons that include less transportation of goods, by supporting local business, you put money back into your own community. For example, because people chose to support my business, I’ve been able to hire two part-time employees, and that number will hopefully continue to grow with my business. Supporting local creates jobs for the next generation, it enriches our community with of a variety of unique establishments and ultimately, it helps drive the sustainability of our local economies. For us, supporting local is a very important layer of sustainability.

Starting out has been full of ups-and-downs, like any new business, but the experiences we’ve had specifically with Ontario trade shows, and here in our community, have made us realize the need for a well-curated show aimed at supporting, promoting and showcasing these amazing businesses.

That well-curated show will be The Eco Market, put on and curated by The Eco Well. It will take place April 21, 2018 at the Waterloo Region Museum.

The Eco Market

 The Eco Market is a celebration of green innovations and ideas incepted right here in Ontario. There will be 50+ Ontario local vendors, eco-friendly eats and expert speakers all day, featuring scientists, community advocates and inspiring entrepreneurs. Our mission is to uplift local green innovators and to have a more meaningful conversation with our community about how we can work together for a more sustainable future.

The Eco Market is 100% FREE to attend, and will have a lot of fun activities for the family, including a DIY beeswax wrap, beauty & bike repair station, and lots of chances for free swag. Plus, the first 100 people through the doors will receive a gift bag filled with goodies donated from our fabulous vendors.

Why is curating a priority to us?

We want to showcase the amazing sustainable small businesses in our region that are working hard to do things right. By carefully curating The Eco Market, we hope to give a better platform to them and create a more meaningful conversation with our community about green living.

It’s also important to us to promote independent businesses rather than multi-level marketing (MLM) systems, which we feel has been a major gap in trade shows throughout Ontario. So, at The Eco Market, you’ll find truly local innovation that isn’t owned by a corporate higher-up. Which, in the end, helps sustain our community.

Will you be joining us at The Eco Market on April 21 2018?

Let us know in the comments below what you’re most excited to check-out!

Jen Novakovich

Jen Novakovich is the owner of The Eco Well, a local cosmetic business that produces eco-friendly skincare products. Jen speaks at public education engagements across the country on clean cosmetics and DIY clean beauty.

Jen also provides consulting for cosmetic businesses and natural health stores on claims, formulations and ingredients. She is a passionate science communicator, formulator, and environmentalist, and aims to empower her community so they can make more informed purchases in the cosmetic isle. You can meet Jen at our "Clean Beauty Night" on June 26th at Healthoholics, where she'll be sharing some information on Essential Oils and DIY beauty.

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