This is the time of year where the days feel longest, and the sun hides itself behind the glazed overcast skies, and people begin to feel the “holiday hangover”. After all the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with friends and family, it can be hard to get back to finding the daily grind satisfying.

You may even begin to feel like you’re weighed down by a never ending to do list. You’re slogging through life with the mission to get things done, but never quite getting there, because there is always “just one more thing”. Does this sound familiar? Can you relate?

This was my outlook at one point and what I did to improve my mood and morale was to make a concerted effort to celebrate the small things. It resulted in me enjoying my daily routine again. I was actively taking pride in my finished projects, met goals, and personal achievements – no matter how mundane or insignificant others might have seen them to be.

Things to Celebrate

  • Organizing one complete area (closet, kitchen cupboards, office desk)
  • File clean up (getting rid of unnecessary paper, organizing paperwork for ease later)
  • Finishing household chores (the ever faithful laundry pile, dishes, vacuuming)
  • Meeting a goal you set for yourself (drinking 8 glasses of water a day, exercising 3 times a week, reading a book a month)
  • When your child feels exceptionally good about something they’ve done or received praise on
  • Finishing a project before the deadline (so that you have the time to celebrate it)
  • Anytime anyone tells you, “you’ve done a good job” or “you handled that well”
  • Anytime you are paid a compliment based on your efforts
  • Extra couples time with you and yours or quality time with loved ones
  • Anything that makes you feel good

These things might seem silly to celebrate, but it might offer the confidence lift you need to stay motivated. However, when celebrating try not to counteract the progress you’ve made.

Ideas on How to Celebrate

  • Time off (a night out, a quick 5 minute break, dinner made by someone else, a relaxing soak in the bath)
  • Family time
  • A movie you’ve been holding off seeing
  • A relaxing cup of tea or hot chocolate
  • A few chapters of a good book
  • A mindless T.V. show
  • An article of clothing you’ve been eyeing but haven’t bought
  • Calling a friend you haven’t heard from in awhile
  • Blasting your favourite song
  • Anything that makes you feel good

Actively practicing mindfulness in the acknowledgement of small things that make you feel good can brighten a day regardless of sunshine-status. Your pile of to-do’s will be less like an obligation or chore and more like the route to your next good vibe.

Fight these darkened winter months and holiday hangovers with the celebration of small things. It helped me, and I hope it will help you too!

Jacquie Thomas

Jacquie works as the Assistant Store Manager at Healthoholics, where she oversees day-to-day clinic operations, assists with purchase ordering, and more. She’s a skilled Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner who brings her broad knowledge to helping Healthoholics’ customers and clients.