Unfortunately, most of us have been affected by breast cancer in one way or another. And, I’m going out on a limb to say, we’re all “aware” of it. So, this far into the 21st century, is “awareness” really enough? Can we do better?

Every single year, October rolls around, and the world is suddenly covered in pink. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. We see pink chocolate bars at the grocery store check-out, pink labelling on cosmetics at the drug-store, bottles of alcohol with pink ribbons on them, and even pink gasoline pumps. Inundated with this #pinkwashing, many of us purchase these products, thinking that we’re doing our part to battle the breast cancer epidemic.

What gets to me is the inherent conflict of interest that these products subtly show us. Firstly, moving philanthropic responsibility to for-profit corporations often introduces problems. Secondly, many of the largest breast cancer charities have had abysmal results during their decades of research. But, even more importantly, many of the products that the infamous pink ribbon is plastered on during October, contain ingredients or have environmental impacts that actually contribute to the development of breast cancer!

I believe we can do better…

So, this October, rather than buying a few products with a pink ribbon – instead, we can make some changes that truly contribute to breast cancer prevention!

Awareness is good, but prevention is better!

There are lots of consumer decisions, dietary choices, and lifestyle factors within our control that, when put into practice, effectively reduce our likelihood of developing breast cancer.

I’ll be discussing these factors and more, in detail, at our Breast Cancer Awareness: Can We Do Better? presentation on Monday, October 23rd at 6pm.

But for today, just to touch the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Reduce toxins entering the body
    *Stop smoking and avoid second or third-hand smoke
    *Reduce your use of plastics
    *Use these helpful tips to choose safer personal care products: here, here and here
    *Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption
  2. Detoxify excesses that are linked to cancer development
    *Seriously limit, or eliminate, refined sugars and grains
    *Stay well hydrated
    *Exercise regularly
  3. Infuse your body with potent nutrients
    *Macronutrients including carbs, protein, and healthy fats
    *Micronutrients including vitamins and minerals
  4. Build-up a strong immune system
    *Stop using anti-bacterial products
    *Filter chlorinated drinking water
    *Consume naturally fermented foods
    *Get adequate sleep and rest

As you can see, I’ve just gotten started, and there’s a list of little things each one of us can do to reduce our likelihood of developing breast cancer.

Humans are complicated creatures. In the same way that every smoker doesn’t develop lung cancer, sometimes, even when we do all the “right” things, we do develop cancer. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do our best to be mindful, take responsibility for our own health, and stack the odds in our favour!

Veronica Qubrossi

Veronica is a Holistic Nutritionist and Managing Director at Healthoholics, where she directs clinic operations, leads educational initiatives including our Holistic Weight Loss program, and manages our marketing efforts.

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