It’s that time of the year when the plant world gets the signal to grow and fulfill their purpose of supplying the world with food, energy, and beauty.

Plants have provided all of our nutritional needs since our beginning and will continue to do so for as long as we all shall live. We rely heavily on plants for their medicine and physical resources too; in a world where toxins are rampant, and we have a booming population. Plants have the divine tools needed to purify our air, soil and spirits; but our relationship with them has recently become very one-sided. In this post-industrial world our bodies have become hyper-vigilant and confused to the point they are starting to have trouble recognizing the good from the bad — a prime example… Allergies.


More people are developing the symptoms of allergies, these symptoms are getting more extreme, and people developing them are doing so at an earlier age (often from birth).

Allergies appear on a wide spectrum of severity with diverse symptoms; from deadly bronchial constriction to just a small sniffle. Regardless of the cause, some find it crucial to diminish the symptoms of allergies and will simply go desperate lengths to alleviate them, often without an inkling of the harm they may be doing.

At Healthoholics we encourage education and offer experienced advice on natural means to manage your health, including Allergy-FX  by Innovite Health.allergy fx

This formula has been tested using double-blind placebo-controlled human study ( Allergy-FX is one of less than a handful of natural health products to do so to date, and for this they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

But, you may be thinking what’s the difference from any over-the-counter pharmaceutical, with mast-cell inhibiting knock-out power? Well, Allergy-FX is made of the egg whites from the Coturnix coturnix (a Japanese species of quail), and a couple palatable sugars — that is all! Allergy-FX is completely drug-free yet temporarily relieves the symptoms associated with seasonal and environmental allergies.

If you’re suffering with seasonal allergies, now that the seasons have turned, you may want to try Allergy-FX. But, as always, be sure this product is right for you.

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Remy Meyer

Remy became a chef apprentice and studied the culinary arts at George Brown College. Receiving his Red Seal in the trade in 2014 after having worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years, it was time for him to move on to his path as a healer. Remy worked as an Interdepartmental Assistant at Healthoholics from 2015-2016.