The Healthoholics’ Approach

At Healthoholics, we believe that optimal wellness requires a balance between all dimensions of a person’s being including physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual and social aspects.

Our approach is a holistic one.

The Holistic approach, which has been around since the time of Hippocrates, recognizes the tendency of nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts – this is true as well, if not especially, for people.

Our Mission

Healthoholics endeavours to create a lasting, positive change in the health of every individual we reach by sharing both our passion and knowledge. Healthoholics believes in a comprehensive health care system, that accentuates personal responsibility and a cooperative relationship between practitioner and client.

Our Values

At Healthoholics, we strive to provide:

  1. Quality Products
  2. Excellent Selection
  3. Friendly Service
  4. Reliable Information
  5. Competitive Prices
  6. An Inspirational Attitude

Our Journey

Healthoholics was formerly known as Basic Bulk & Natural Foods. We started out quietly as a small bulk food store. Through our own family’s health experiences a passion for natural health blossomed – and with it bloomed Healthoholics.

We may have started out small, but with the support of our many loyal customers we have grown much bigger developing into our bricks and mortar location, The Healthoholics’ Wellness Centre.


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120 Ottawa Street North
Eastwood Square
Kitchener, ON  N2H 3K5